Ownership of Music: By submitting your music to our platform, you confirm that you are the sole owner of all rights, including copyright, to the submitted music. You also affirm that you have obtained all necessary permissions and licenses for any samples or copyrighted material used in your music.

Non-Refundable Submission Fee: The submission fee is non-refundable. Regardless of the outcome of the review process, the submission fee is not eligible for a refund. The fee covers administrative costs associated with reviewing and processing submissions.

No Guarantee of Inclusion: Submission of your music does not guarantee its inclusion on our mixtape. All submitted music will undergo a fair and thorough review process. Our team will assess the quality, relevance, and suitability of each submission for the mixtape.

Selection Process: The selection process for the mixtape is at the sole discretion of our team. Our decision regarding the inclusion of music on the mixtape is final and not subject to appeal
Privacy and Data Usage: We will treat all personal information provided during the submission process with the utmost confidentiality and in accordance with our Privacy Policy. We will only use the information provided for the purposes of reviewing and managing the music submission.

Licensing and Copyright: If your music is selected for inclusion on the mixtape, you agree to grant us the necessary rights and licenses to use the music for the mixtape’s intended purpose. This includes promotional use and distribution.

Acceptance of Terms: By proceeding with the music submission and paying the submission fee, you acknowledge and agree to all the terms and conditions stated in this disclaimer.

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