about company

about company

why choose us

Experience Soundtrek, the mesmerizing result of Our mixtape series, hosted by the exceptional DJ Good Music the Angel. It blends music's enchanting power with cinema's captivating magic. Each mixtape, curated around themes, takes you on an unmatched musical journey. We celebrate diverse artists, uniting talents for harmonious masterpieces. Join our growing community of music enthusiasts, embracing the thrill of every mixtape release.

how we work

Originality and artist respect are paramount. Our platform ensures copyright-compliant, creative music. A secure haven for artists to shine. Each week, enjoy a symphony of twenty soul-stirring songs in one mixtape

Guiding Purpose & Future Outlook


At SoundTrek, our mission is to create an electrifying fusion of music and cinema that resonates with the soul of every music enthusiast. We aim to curate mixtapes that transcend boundaries, celebrating the diversity of artists and genres, while providing a platform for exceptional talents to shine. Through our community, we amplify the voices of artists and inspire the minds of the world with the magic of music.


Our vision is to become the ultimate destination for music lovers and aspiring artists, where innovation and creativity know no limits. We envision a world where Soundtrek is synonymous with musical brilliance and serves as a catalyst for launching new stars onto global stages. With our unwavering commitment to respecting artists' rights, we strive to foster a community that thrives on the power of music.

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